2008 London Art Fair with Byard Art Gallery, Business Design Centre, London, January

2007 Affordable Art Fair, with Byard Art Gallery, Battersea, London, 18 - 21 October

2007 Salon Locale, Gallery:Space, Finsbury Park, London, 9 August - 2 Semptember

2007 Cityscapes, Byard Art Gallery, Cambridge

2006 Artifactuality, Hope Gallery

2006 Artifactuality, West Eleven Gallery

2006 Artifactuality, Leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds - more information

2005 Selected works, Hollwood Rd. Gallery, London

2004 New Figures, Art Co, Leeds

2003 New Directions: Art vs Mainstream Visual Culture, The Cube, Leeds

2003 No. 1, Brno, Czech Republic

2002 Articulations, Leeds University (MA show), Leeds

2001 See It As It Is, Draiocht, Dublin. Pick of the Best, Beatrice Royal, Southampton

2001 Autumn Exhibition, John Taylor Gallery, Warwick

2001 New paintings, Masarella Fine Art, Saltaire

2001 Brush, Snow Gallery, Leeds

2001 A Play on Grass, Batofar, Paris

1999 A Christmas Pudding for Henry, Henry Moore Institute and LMU Gallery, Leeds

1999 The Degree Show, West Riding House, Leeds

1999 Go Away: Artists and Travel, Royal College of Art Galleries, London

1998 Going Places - Spanish Holiday, East St. Studios, Leeds and Bradford Airport



No. 1 - Last Supper
Series of collages priced according to their place in the series starting from £1. Browse by number:
1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50


St. Pauls

New York
Empire State Building

Hors D’Oeuvres

    London, Paris, Dublin, Brno

Leeds 13
    Going Places
    Degree Show

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